About Live Lawrence Life

What is ReINVENT Retirement?

With the baby boomer generation moving into its retirement years, Lawrence, KS and its surrounding area is positioning itself as the ideal destination for people looking to live the rest of their lives in a vibrant, diverse and culturally rich town with a sense of place and community.

As one aspect of its new mission, Douglas County Senior Services, Inc. (DCSS) is spearheading an economic development program, ReINVENT Retirement: Live the Lawrence Life, which was created to showcase the county as a vibrant, welcoming place for people to embrace retirement. With 10,000 baby boomers currently turning 65 each day, the campaign is branded ReINVENT Retirement to resonate with baby boomers, who desire a retirement that is unique. Douglas County is known for its great community lifestyle and diverse cultures. It has a small town spirit with big city amenities.

“Douglas County is unique in the fact we have incredible amenities which appeal to all age groups,” says former Lawrence Mayor Mike Amyx.  “The ReINVENT Retirement program will serve as the conduit for strategically bringing businesses, organizations, resources and information together in an effort to attract retirees to our community.”

Douglas County is full of actively engaged community members who are anxious to welcome newcomers to their hometown. Jim Flory, County Commissioner, is “convinced that the ReINVENT Retirement program will result in a very significant economic and cultural benefit for Douglas County. Retaining and attracting this active, involved and influential generation of retirees is one of my priorities as County Commissioner.”

Not only is the ReINVENT Retirement program focused on attracting retirees and boomers to the area, it is also a great way to involve the entire community.