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Board of Directors

Hank Booth

Carol Bowen

Kay Brada

Ernesto Hodison, Vice-Chair

Doni Mooberry, Treasurer

Janet Prestoy, Chair

Steve Tesdahl, Secretary

Dr. Maren Turner

Dr. Judy Wright

Serving on the Senior Resource Center
Board of Directors and Committees

The Board of Directors of the Senior Resource Center for Douglas County, Inc. (SRC) governs management and operation of the organization with advisement by the Executive Director, staff, and constituents. Six of the thirteen Board members are appointed by the City of Lawrence, and seven are appointed by Douglas County. To apply for an appointment by the City of Lawrence, fill out this form. To indicate your interest in an appointment by Douglas County, send your resume and a statement explaining your interest and qualifications using this link.

Terms of office: 3 years with eligibility for a second term

Meetings: monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 4:30 PM


  1. Have a clear understanding of the Board’s responsibility for the organization’s governance
  2. Regularly attend all Board and assigned committee meetings
  3. Actively and appropriately participate in the Board’s deliberations
  4. Review agendas and supporting materials prior to meetings
  5. Serve on committees, offer to take on special assignments, and attend various special events
  6. Stay informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs
  7. Read material on issues of aging, as provided by the Governance Committee
  8. Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies
  9. Respect the role of staff and refrain from making special requests of staff
  10. Promote the organization through informing others of the organization’s work, and by actively lobbying, fundraising, and pursuing revenue sources for the financial success of the organization
  11. Support the organization with an annual personal financial contribution

Standing Committees of the Board:

  • Executive Committee, composed of the Board officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Finance Committee*
  • Governance Committee*
  • Human Resources Committee*
  • Marketing and Development Committee*

*Membership on these committees is open to non-Board members also. To place your name in consideration for an appointment to a committee, send a statement describing your interest and qualifications.