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Incorporated in 1857, the city of Eudora, Kansas is located about 6 miles east of Lawrence, and 40 miles west of Kansas City, Kansas. The city covers an area of approximately 2.89 square miles. With a population of 6,211, it acts as a commuter town between Kansas City and Lawrence.

When to visit

The CPA Picnic
The CPA Picnic, now in its 116th year is a three day celebration held every July in historic Downtown Eudora. CPA stands for Central Protective Association and began as a picnic to honor members of a group that protected Eudora from cattle rustlers and horse thieves in the late 1800s. Today, CPA Picnic is a three day festival celebrating the heritage of Eudora, and includes a carnival, two different parades, and a host of other activities for all ages. Find out the details on their website or Facebook page.

EudoraFest, is held the first Saturday in October, and is Eudora’s annual fall celebration. The Annual EudoraFest features something for the entire family. Held in historic Downtown Eudora, EudoraFest has crafts and art displays, food, music, as well as a garden tractor pull and car show. With over 100 vendors, numerous music acts and activities planned throughout the day EudoraFest means fun for everyone. Visit the EudoraFest Facebook page for all the details.

Why Eudora?

Eudora Community Center

Eudora Community Museum and Community Center

The Eudora Area Historical Society operates the Eudora Community Museum. The Museum displays numerous exhibits devoted to Eudora’s history.

Built in 2007, the City of Eudora maintains a state of the art community center which provides a variety of amenities for residents of Eudora and the surrounding area. These facilities include a fitness room, gymnasium, kitchen, outdoor pool, meeting rooms and indoor walking track. Fitness classes and sports round out the offerings.

Eudora Public Schools

Eudora School District

The Eudora School District has been recognized by Ingram’s Magazine as a top 10 school district in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area for its 100% graduation rate and high ACT scores. In the Eudora School District, Kansas Unified School District No. 491, you’ll find large-district opportunities in a small-district atmosphere. The academics are second to none and are consistently recognized for accomplishment and success. The teachers and staff are committed to excellence and to helping prepare each student to find individual achievement.

Downtown Eudora

Location, Location, Location

Not only is Eudora home to an active and poplar golf course, Twin Oaks Golf, it sits among gentle rolling hills between Lawrence, and greater Kansas City. Eudora really is the best of both worlds.

Eudora History

Eudora’s history is fascinating and important. The history of Eudora relates to several of the biggest themes of American history.

The history of the Eudora area predates American settlement. This region was home to various Indian tribes for thousands of years. The most notable tribe was the Kansa or Kaw. The Kaw lived along the rivers of this region in villages until they were forcibly removed in the 1820s by the American government to make room for the Shawnee Indian tribe. The Shawnees occupied this land until 1854 when the American government again forcibly removed Indian tribes from this region. A Shawnee Chief named Pascal Fish owned most of the land in the area and sold it to a German immigrant group in 1857. The Germans named their new community Eudora after Chief Fish’s daughter.

The Oregon and Santa Fe Trails passed by just a few miles south of Eudora. Countless travelers to the Western United States passed through this region from the 1840s through the 1860s. Eudora witnessed significant conflict during the Bleeding Kansas Era and the Civil War. Eudora strongly supported the Union during the Civil War, many of its men enlisting to defeat the Confederacy. William Quantrill stopped just south of Eudora in 1863 on his way to Lawrence to commit his infamous raid on the town. Quantrill enlisted the help of a young German boy to lead him to Lawrence since Quantrill did not know the way in the middle of the night. Several Eudora residents attempted to warn Lawrence of Quantrill’s proximity, but two men were thrown from their horses and killed and others did not make it in time to warn the town.

After the Civil War, relative stability finally arrived to the region. Eudora developed tremendously in the late 19th century and grew into a self-sustaining community.

Leave it to Beaver

Did you know?

One of the greatest TV dads of all time, Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, was portrayed by Eudora native actor Hugh Beaumont.

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