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Data & Information

Data can be hard to come by, but are oh-so essential for making decisions, supporting grant applications, and convincing stakeholders. The Senior Resource Center for Douglas County seeks to serve as a repository for data regarding seniors, whether locally or on a broader scale.

We offer the following links to help you with your goal, whatever it is. Likewise, please provide your data to us for sharing. Let’s not duplicate efforts to collect information!

Statistics and Reports

2015 Risks and Process of Retirement Survey: The Society of Actuaries’ Committee on Post Retirement Needs and Risks Older Americans 2016: Key Indicators of Well-Being Douglas County data through 2010 Kansas 2014 Vital Statistics (birth, death, cause of death, marriage, etc. rates by county) open the link in the first paragraph called Kansas Population Forecast 2014-2064. Open Douglas County data under that link. Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research Lawrence Douglas County Health Dept., 2012 report using 2010 data Our Parents, Ourselves: Healthcare for an Aging Population, Dartmouth Institute health care data, 2016 Retiree Attraction and Retention Task Force, Final Report, 2012 United States of Aging Survey 2015

Resources Offering Data or Tools Related to Aging National Council on Aging and data Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) Woodstock Institute

Article on “The Protective Factors for Maintaining Independence: An Outcome Measurement Tool for Aging Services”

Other Useful Resources Resources useful for planning retirement living or dealing with senior issues.