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Resources for Seniors
Resources for Seniors
Resources for Professionals
Resources for Professionals
Seniors as Resources
Seniors as Resources


The dictionary gives no specific age defining when someone becomes a senior.
To play in the Senior PGA tournament or join AARP, you must be at least 50.
Some restaurant discounts start at age 55.
You will qualify for SRC programs like Senior Meals and Senior Wheels at age 60. Medicare starts at 65.

At SRC we don’t set any age at which someone becomes a senior.
We are happy to help anyone in the second half of life.

Remember, being a senior is a status symbol.
You were hot stuff as a high school senior, so enjoy being a senior again. You deserve the benefits!


Wherever you are in the second half of life, the Senior Resource Center can help you navigate
the complex choices of housing, health care, transportation, activities, encore careers,
senior discounts, relationships, legal aid, and a hundred other needs.
If we don’t know what’s available, we’ll find out!


We provide resources to help organizations and professionals who serve seniors.

Resources for Professionals

Resources for Professionals
Those who serve the needs of seniors need help too. The Senior Resource Center for Douglas County is here to help professionals connect with opportunities.

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Continuing Education
The Senior Resource Center is the go-to place to find out what continuing education offerings are available for professionals who work with seniors.

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Funding Opportunities
Finding funding for your projects and your organization is a never-ending challenge. Check back here often to see what’s currently available.

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Data & Information
The Senior Resource Center for Douglas County strives to serve as a repository for data regarding seniors on a local and broader scale to help public officials, grant writers, and others who need data.

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Associations for Professionals
Look here to find organizations that exist to help professionals join forces around issues of aging.

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Job Openings
Submit your job openings in organizations serving seniors for posting here. See what’s available for you or a friend.

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