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6 Must See Kansas Fall Festivals

With Kansas Fall Festivals there’s no shortage of ways to satisfy cravings for outdoor air, turkey legs, pumpkin donuts, or even live jousting! These events are sure to make fall memorable.

7 Must-See Lawrence Events and Festivals This Summer

The largest festival of street performers in the U.S., a farmer's market voted best in Lawrence, and a weeklong celebration of film, music, art and ideas are only a few local activities. Open your door to new possibilities in Lawrence this summer!

6 Reasons Why Gardening Is the Perfect Retirement Hobby

It’s important to look for a hobby that can be altered to fit your new lifestyle perfectly. Why should you consider gardening? Explore the health, mood, community involvement benefits, and more about this perfect retirement hobby.

Experience Holidays in Lawrence

While the weather outside could be frightful, Lawrence and its surrounding towns are always delightful. Use this article to navigate the myriad of events, shops, gifts, and activities for a memorable holiday outing perfect for family and friends.

Warm Up to Good Books in Lawrence

As cool autumn weather takes the place of warm summer days, it’s the perfect time to grab a cup of coffee and curl up with a book. Explore why reading is important, where to meet new books, and where to read while Living the Lawrence Life.

Experience the Variety of the Lawrence Music Scene

In Lawrence, the vibrant arts culture means you can find everything from classical to Irish to jazz to rock in a variety of music venues, clubs, and classrooms. Uncover the multi-faceted world of the Lawrence music scene!

These Roadtrips Will Change How You See Kansas

Think Kansas is the flattest state? Think again. Kansas, where extensive hills meet the great plains, contains a breathtaking variety of waterfalls, desert like rock formations, rolling hills, marshes, cliffs, and canyons.

6 Ways Revamping Your Home Inspires a Happy Retirement

Surroundings, for better or worse, affect your mood and energy level in a very real way. Discover how you can harness the power of your home surroundings to positively influence your mood.

Lawrence: A Foodie’s Haven

With an artistic and entrepreneurial spirit, it’s no surprise Lawrence has become known nationally as a culinary hot-spot. While visitors are often surprised at the variety Lawrence offers, any local resident can tell you the options are endless.

Are Pets the Secret to a Happy Retirement?

Cheerful meows, loving barks- while these are common household sounds, could they also be the sound of a quality life? You may be surprised at the number of life-quality benefits pets can offer retirees of all ages.

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